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Virtual Design: Our Step by Step Process


Virtual design has always been one of the design services we offer. However, after #2020 happened virtual design exploded in popularity everywhere! And for good reason! Virtual design allows you to achieve the LMID aesthetic and attention to detail, while working within a tighter investment amount. Today I am sharing, step by step, how we transformed a bedroom from bare to B E A U T I F U L 100% virtually.


My client reached out to me via my website requesting help with her daughter's bedroom. Her daughter had just turned 12 and was no longer was enjoying her "little girl" room. With her daughter now in school full time from home, she wanted her to have a space where she felt happy and inspired each day.

Measurements & Photos

The first big difference between our virtual design and full service design is the project kickoff process. If you are interested in how we kickoff our full service projects you can check out the blog post HERE. For our virtual design clients everything is done...well, virtually! So, measurements and photographs are completed by our client and sent to us prior to kicking off the design process.

No worries if you don't know how to correctly take the measurements and photos. We provide you detailed handouts with step by step instructions how to do it and how to return them to us to get your project going! We will also send you a design questionnaire for us to get a really good understanding of your design preferences and functional living needs.

Design Development

Once we have the design questionnaire, measurements and photos returned to us we can get to work on design development! Due to the fact that with our virtual design service we are not handling the procurement process (and also to keep your investment amount lower), we primarily only source from retail sources. However we do offer add - on services where we can have certain trade - only vendor items purchased through us and drop shipped to your home! Another perk of hiring a designer - custom and unique pieces for your home that make it truly one of a kind!

During the design development phase we are busy putting together a functional floorplan as well as sourcing products and curating a personalized design plan for your space! When your design plan is complete your deliverables will be as follows:

Virtual Design Concept Board

You will be able to see how all of the sourced products work together cohesively via your virtual design concept board.

Floor Plan

We provide you with a floorplan with measurements of exactly where each piece is placed within the room. Our client opted to add on our rendering service, where you can visually see how everything will look within your space in 4k resolution.

Designer "How To" Notes

Another big difference between our virtual design and full service design is the actual implementation of your design plan. For our full service design we bring in our team and implement your entire design down to the very last detail for you. With our virtual design you are taking lead on not only the procurement phase, but also the implementation phase. But don't worry - we don't just deliver your designs and leave you hanging on what to actually do! We provide you with detailed notes on how to actually follow through with your design plan. For example - how high should I hang the new curtain rod? How far apart should the frames in the gallery wall be? What size pillow inserts do I need and what type of filling?


Our virtual design service includes 1 round of revisions. The software program that we use to communicate back and fourth makes this process extremely easy!

Start Shopping

Once your design plan has been finalized you will be provided with direct links to purchase the sourced products!

#theisabellaproject Before

#theisabellaproject After

Here are some photos the client sent me after almost completing the space!

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