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The LMID Experience: Part 4 - Installation


Check out part 1 2 & 3 of this series to read all about the first step in working with Laura Mitchell Interior Design.

In the final installment of this 4 part blog series "The LMID Experience: What It's Like Working With a Full Service Design Firm", we are sharing what happens on that magical install day! It's that big moment where we finally pop the bubbly and celebrate the result of the entire design process -- a perfectly curated to Y O U home that will speak to your soul.

Our Design Process

Our full service design process is broken down into 4 phases:

1 – Consultation

2- Project Kickoff & Design Presentation

3- Procurement/Design Implementation

4- Installation

The Days/Weeks Leading up to Install Day

At this point in your project at least 85% - 90% of your furnishings have arrived safely to our receiving warehouse. Custom window treatments are typically installed by our professional installers a week or 2 prior to install day (to prevent too many trades in your home on install day- resulting in potential chaos). For smaller projects, installation is scheduled for the final install day.

We are busy behind the scenes scheduling everything to perfectly align on that big day. We schedule the delivery from the warehouse to your house and go through the warehouse receiving list with a fine tooth comb and compare it to our master list to ensure everything is scheduled to be loaded on that delivery truck. Other administrative tasks we are working on in these crucial days prior to install day include:

  1. Schedule any trades that we need present for install day such as our art installer and/or handyman
  1. Provide a detailed scope of work for trades to ensure proper equipment will be readily available on install day so all tasks get completed
  2. Shopping trip for final accessories
  3. Pull accessories from our inventory that may work for project
  4. Ensure that install day kit is fully stocked. Our install day kit is chock full of tried and true items that have come in handy over the years during install days. Items such as sticker removal, 3M tape, felt pads, snacks and water.

A letter is emailed to our clients informing them of their install day date/time as well as instructions on how to prepare for the big day.

Fiber Seal protection is offered to all of our clients for their upholstery items for an additional charge. This will take place at the receiving warehouse prior to anything is delivered so it is fully cured before install. This is a popular service among our clients.

Client's Responsibility

We want to maximize our time while we are in your home during the installation, and with that in mind, we ask our clients to review the checklist below in preparation for their installation day:

  • Safety is a big priority for us, please ensure that all pets are put away, and children are out of the way as we work on getting your home to be the beautiful space we envisioned.
  • Please be present when we arrive if there are any special directions you would like to pass along
  • Please remove any live plants that may be in the direct path of the movers, especially if they will not be used in the new space
  • Please remove all children's toys, pet beds and crates, etc.
  • In the kitchen area, please put away all countertop alliances that may be out
  • Please remove all furniture items, accents, art and accessories that will not be a part of the areas we are decorating prior to installation day
  • We ask that any items that need special handling be removed, or if they are going to be included in the area we are decorating, be clearly marked "fragile" or "handle with care". We are very careful to handle all items with care, but we want to have an extra level of protection
  • We ask that all clean up and dusting be taken care of before we arrive. We are not able to do heavy cleaning and dusting. If you like, we can arrange to have a maid service available on installation day at an additional charge. We will take care of light cleaning of the items we delivered and light vacuuming of the areas we worked on.
  • Please leave your vacuum cleaner handy for us to use for light cleanup of the area we will be decorating. Most clients would prefer to not have a vacuum cleaner other than their own used in their home.
  • If there are accessory items in other parts of your home that you would like us to consider for the areas we are decorating, please leave them where they can be easily seen, or point them out to us upon arrival. We try our best to use pieces that clients already own as best as we can

Install Day

Your install typically starts first thing in the morning around 8am and can last up to 8-9 hours. This is dependent on the size of your project, however this is an average for a 3 room project. You are welcomed to be present at home during the installation, but we encourage clients to take the day away from home, while we work hard to present you with a full and cohesive design. We like to save some elements of surprise for the reveal.

We work with one of Minnesota's finest moving companies, and we usually have at least two gentlemen unloading all the furnishings into your home. Furnishings are usually packed inside of the truck in the order they will be installed in your home. All items are immediately placed in the proper locations. Care will be taken to cover floors to avoid any damage by dollies and other moving equipment.

We will have multiple trades people and contractors in your home at the same time taking care of different functions - drapery installers, art installers, movers, design assistant, etc.. Your home will look a bit messy before it becomes beautiful as we lay out all of the styling items. We may also have packing and containers placed in one holding area, but they will be hauled away at the end of the installation day.

After all furniture is placed, we will style all areas and begin clean up. Everything is situated and styled and the final candle is lit for the big reveal! We invite our clients back to their home and we walk through their gorgeous new spaces together. This truly is a magical moment! One we cherish oh so much. Seeing our client's smiles and sighs of relief that their home is finally a reflection of them and a space they are comfortable in and proud of makes our hearts sing.

Post Project Wrap Up

Final walk through is done immediately following installation. Clients have the opportunity to make note of any deficiencies observed and these deficiencies are cured within 5-10 business days.

Professional photography is scheduled within a week of final installation. Clients are welcomed to be present during this time, but it makes for a smoother process if clients are away from home. Typically photography lasts between 1-3 hours (depending on size of project).

We love sending gifts and we always wrap up our projects with a personalized gift. We are so thankful for our clients and we truly become friends by the end of a full service project.

It is now time to start enjoying your new space for years to come with the ones you love most! CHEERS!

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