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Our Guide to the Different Drapery Styles

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Window treatments immediately elevate your space. They are exactly what most seemingly “off” or cold feeling rooms are missing. Window treatments are that missing piece to the puzzle that pulls it all together as well as adds sense of softness, elegance and warmth. But…navigating your way (alone) through the various types of fabric and drapery styles can feel overwhelming. I offer custom window treatments to all of my full service design clients as well as a stand alone window treatment design service!

Today I am sharing the most popular (and unpopular) styles of drapery so you can pin point exactly what you are looking for (and what to avoid)!

Single Pleat

Image via: Smith & Noble

For a more refined look that still feels somewhat casual, opt for single pleats, which create subtle, straight lines down the front of the drapery. Because of the neat, simple look, single pleat is often a good option for modern decor styles.

Two & Three Finger Pinch Pleat

Image via: Smith & Noble
Image via: Fabricut
Image via: Fabricut

Pinch pleats are my personal favorite style of drapery as it creates this gorgeous more defined “accordion” look. This style of drapery works beautifully in formal spaces like dining area, sitting rooms or with traditional decor.  I also think pinch pleats work well in a more casual space to give it a polished and complete look.

Euro Pleat

Image via: Kirtammdesigns
Image via: Fabricut
Image via: Fabricut

The Two - Finger or Three - Finger Euro Pleat (also known as Parisian pleat) is very similar to the pinch pleat however, its pleat is sewn at the very top of the drapery header, versus the bottom. This style of drapery is traditional with a twist and maintains a beautiful fullness and fan like look at the pleat.

Inverted Box Pleat

Image via: Calico

The Inverted Box Pleat features a neat and tailored style with a fullness on the back of the drape, but a flat face surface suitable for contemporary interior design schemes. If you have tall ceilings, this pleat looks fabulous when doubled up - adding drama to the finished look!

Image via: Laura Mitchell Interior Design

Goblet Pleat

Image via: Calico

Soft and elegant, Goblet Pleated drapes add a touch of formality, particularly when complemented by wonderful architectural hardware. Goblet drapes function best with stationary panels, as it doesn’t travel well across the window.

Rod Pocket

Image via: Laura Mitchell Interior Design

Do This…

Image via: WayfairClick HERE to shop these drapery panels

NOT  This..

Rod pocket drapery can be done tastefully under certain circumstances (see the slight different between the 2 images above!?). I used rod pocket drapes in my home office for the Spring 2020 One Room Challenge as we were at the peak of the Pandemic and custom anything was simply not an option. I fell in love with the ribbon like detailing at the top of the drapery panels, giving them a lux feel. Keep in mind rod pockets are only to be used for stationary panels, as they will not easily open and close on the rod.

Back Tab

Image via: Designed Simple
Image via: Designed Simple

Back tab drapery is another style that can be done well, if careful in your selection. My favorite rod back drapery panels are the Ritva from Ikea. What you want to absolutely avoid is doing this…

If you opt for drapery rings to use your rod back or back tab draperies functionally avoid clipping them like the above image. Talk about a messy look! Instead make a pinch within the drapery header and put the clip to hold that pleat. It won’t give you the perfect pinch pleat that custom draperies give you, but it is a good DIY alternative that won’t look sloppy!

Grommet Top

Last (and certainly definitely least) is grommet top drapery. I am only mentioning them to give you an example of what NOT to do. I know it is so so easy to purchase this style of drape as they carry them almost everywhere! However, not only do they typically only come in 84” height (who has 7’ ceilings everywhere in their home?)…but they  are aesthetically a design nightmare. Take a look for yourself..

If you are ready to dress those bare windows of yours go ahead and schedule a complimentary discovery call and let’s chat!! I look forward to hearing from you!

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