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How to best enhance your space with soft luxury furnishings

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My clients hire me so they can achieve that luxurious, updated, and sophisticated look in their home. Many of my clients don't require a full-on gut renovation to get the home of their dreams! Want to get in on the secret? - Luxury soft furnishings!

Does your home have good bones? (Not so sure about the answer to that? No worries...all of my full-service projects start with an in-home consultation and I will provide plenty of guidance). But if so, a few strategic design choices for the soft furnishings in your home will totally transform it from "blah" to "ta-dah!"

Today I am sharing the best 5 soft furnishing applications that will elevate a home and add the luxurious quality that my clients crave, all without the added stress (and time) of a total home renovation!

1. Wonderful Window Treatments

Ever wonder what it is about those Pinterest photos that draw you in? You see this beautiful natural light flowing in from the windows. Speaking of windows, WOW, those windows look so grand and dressed to absolute perfection.

Let me tell you what you are seeing - custom windows treatments. Investing in high-quality, well-crafted treatments in a timeless style is always a good investment.

There is nothing quite like a perfectly trained linen fabric 3-finger pinch pleat drapery. It immediately adds elegance to any space. Other fabrics to consider include, cotton, silk, velvet, or a blend.

Pairing drapery panels with a roman shade will give your windows that extra layer to really elevate your home to the next level. I offer a design service specifically for custom window treatments, so if you are content with your space as is but looking for that custom finishing touch - look no further!

2. Updated Upholstery

Want to know the #1 thing I recommend my clients splurge on in their living rooms? Their sofa and chairs. These pieces are going to get loads and loads of use and there is nothing worse than a sofa you paid a lot of money for that is quickly becoming worn-out and dingy.

Quality upholstery and fabric is the trick behind that sofa that lasts and lasts no matter how "well-loved" it is.

The best fabric for your upholstered furniture depends on how you live in your home as well as your "hand" preference (a design term for how the fabric feels).

Do you have young children or pets? If so, performance fabric is absolutely the way to go! Performance fabrics refer to any specialty fabrics that are designed to specifically withstand wear and tear while being simple to clean.

Some of my top choices for fabric include leather (not only is it extremely comfortable, but also looks luxurious, feels grand, and smells delicious), polyester (soft, easy to clean, stain and abrasion resistant), cotton (100% natural, breathable, and hypoallergenic), linen (very smooth and soft, extremely durable) and of course velvet (LUXURIOUS and soft).

Pro Tip: Don't match your sofa fabric to your chair fabric. Mix those colors and patterns, girlfriend! The key is to complement each other, not match.

3. Pretty Pillows & Beautiful Blankets

Pillows add life to your space. Don't skip them. Adding this layer of design creates that finished and polished look. Have fun with your pillow combinations - and PLEASE get rid of those pillows that may come with your sofa. :) It's never a good look, not to mention they are never comfortable.

I typically select up to 3 different patterns or textures in a complementary palette for throw pillows. The important thing to remember when mixing patterns is the scale of the pattern. I typically go for one large-scale pattern (think oversized floral print), one small-scale pattern (think leopard print), and then a solid or a textural pillow.

If you prefer a more neutral palette with less pattern, add visual interest by varying the size and shape of your pillows.

4. Attractive Area Rugs

A properly scaled area rug grounds your space. It gives your furniture a purpose. Ever wonder what is off in your space but can't quite pinpoint it? Check the scale of your rug. Do at least the front legs of your furniture sit on top of the rug? If not, bingo - you need a larger rug!

Choosing the correct fabric for your rug again depends on where you will be placing your rug as well as the investment you are willing to put into the quality of your soft furnishings.

If you are ready to invest in a long-lasting quality rug, I would suggest a natural fiber such as wool. However, synthetic fiber rugs such as nylon, viscose, and polypropylene have been improved over the years to mimic the characteristics of natural fibers.

Nylon is a favorite of mine as it is a strong fiber with good resiliency (ability to bounce back after becoming flattened or compacted).

5. Fresh Spaces, Not Forgotten

The difference between a nice interior and an elevated aesthetic is attention to detail and styling even the often forgotten spaces, like the hallways, mudrooms, entry, laundry room, and powder rooms. I also often remind my clients that when you think you have enough accessories to give your space that layered and complete look, add 10% more.

Accessories don't just include coffee table decor, plants, and wall art. It also includes things such as that upholstered bench in your entryway or at the end of your bed. Those ottomans in your living room that give the perfect pop of color (and additional seating), or the throw blanket on your sofa. All of these details matter and give that fresh and not forgotten look you desire.

Is your mind racing with all of these ideas to freshen your "good boned" home!? Sometimes it is just 1 or 2 simple updates that can do the trick. So, if you ready to enhance your home with soft furnishings and styling, I've got your back! Schedule a complimentary discovery call and let's chat!

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